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Fear has no place in school

Students and faculty should be able to take part in educational activities in a nurturing environment without worrying about evacuation procedures and active shooter protocols.  We make that happen.

Security Technology That Protects You

It can be nearly impossible for students and teachers to know whether to shelter-in-place or to safely evacuate. That’s where SafeEVAC transformative emergency management technology leads the way to safety.

The U.S. has had 2,598 school incidents since 1970 and these numbers are increasing.

Reference: K-12 School Shooting Database

The lack of real-time intel impedes rapid response and emergency medical resources.

Lack of a viable plan can create stress and uninformed decisions resulting in injury or


Poor crowd control and panicked occupants can lead to additional injuries or deaths.

Who We Serve

What started out as a solution for K-12 turned into a solution which works in any building that has exit signs.  Any of the following can benefit from having an intelligent evacuation plan to save lives.

New Construction & Remodels

Places of Worship

Higher Education



Manufacturing Facilities

Retail Establishments

Hotels/Convention Centers

Healthcare Facilities


Commercial Buildings

Office Buildings

Entertainment Venues

Apartment Complexes

Parking Garages

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We offer emergency response planning and technology installation for new construction and retrofit solutions to accommodate facilities of all types.  For SafeEVAC product inquiries, please complete the form below.

What People Are Saying


Here’s why you can trust our patent-pending SafeEVAC technology.

"Following the Parkland High School tragedy in Florida, our state leaders implemented lots of new laws intended to harden and prevent future acts of violence. As a Florida Superintendent of Schools with nearly 12 years of experience in this position, I have considered numerous school safety technologies. This past year, I had the privilege of hosting the leadership team from SafeEVAC as they demonstrated their threat identification and intelligent evacuation technology. I am convinced that this technology can save lives and bring peace of mind to schools and communities, should the unthinkable happen again. This is a product I believe could have very useful inclusion in all schools, including my own here in Gulf County!"

Jim Norton

Superintendent, Gulf District Schools

"Safe building egress is always on our mind at VPS Architecture as emergency evacuation plans of any kind must be designed well. SafeEVAC's system of threat detection and smart evacuation enhances building safety protocols beyond traditional exit signs. We are excited and look forward to working with SafeEVAC to introduce this life-saving technology to our school and commercial clients."

Michael Davis, AIA, EDAC

Principal Architect

"While serving Kentucky as Lieutenant Governor (2015-2019) I visited over 200 schools, witnessing firsthand the devastating impact of school violence. The innovative SafeEVAC system transforms evacuation paradigms to give building occupants a better chance of surviving school violence. As a member of SafeEVAC's Board of Directors, I traveled the country with SafeEVAC leadership to demonstrate this transformative technology. Feedback from teachers, parents and first responders were both emotional and overwhelmingly positive."

Jenean Hampton

Former Kentucky Lt. Governor

"Safer America for All, Inc (SAFA) is a national, virtual clearinghouse of relevant, innovative, and new ways to connect stakeholders in school districts to each other with access to resources regarding violence, bullying and school safety. We are proud that SafeEVAC, Inc. is a sponsor, and we will continue recruiting other sponsors. SafeEVAC’s comprehensive evacuation technology is a game changer and will help students get home safe!"

Bobby Clark


"We all have looked on in horror at the tragedies of increased School violence across our nation. The first time I saw the technology the SafeEVAC team had developed I knew I had a responsibility to take part in helping spread the word about its life saving capabilities. This life saving threat assessment and intelligent evacuation technology is a huge step forward to providing a safe environment for all children and needs to be in every school across America."

Warren Yeager

Gulf County Florida, Ret. Assistant County Administrator

"Using your God given talents in life is paramount. I applaud and congratulate the SafeEVAC team for their ingenuity and steadfastness to develop Life Saving Threat Assessment and Intelligent Evacuation Technology. All school students need a Safe environment to hone their skills. Having SafeEVAC's smart evacuation plan in place can bring peace of mind while they focus on learning."

Kent Benson

NCAA Most Valuable Player on the Indiana University 1976 32-0 Undefeated National Championship Team (The Last Team in NCAA History to go Undefeated)
No. 1 Overall Pick in the 1977 NBA

"Scholastic music teacher’s associations as well as collegiate music recruiters are holding music auditions in public schools practically every weekend across America. The first person at one of these schools is the audition chairperson who in most cases is seeing the school for the very first time. Soon the chairperson is met by the school’s custodian who briefly walks he/she through the school. Within minutes the doors of the school open for hundreds of auditioning students, their teachers, and their parents. Admittedly, all these people are basically unfamiliar with the school. From one who rents these unaccustomed school surroundings, with SafeEVAC’s system in place, weekend groups like auditioning music students, competing athletics, and sacred worshippers that use these schools for extra-curricular purposes will feel substantially safer."

Dr. Randall Bayne


"In the moments immediately following the far too many tragic incidents in our schools across America, we all feel great sadness and anger. For so many of us, including all of the members of the Institute family, we yearn for solutions to quell these violent acts. Thankfully, our nation is blessed with many of entrepreneurial mind and spirit who, like the teams at SafeEVAC, Inc. and Safer America for All, Inc., are constantly in search of ways to improve all aspects of our lives. We are surely honored to have been invited to contribute to this movement that will ensure that our school children are protected at the highest levels possible each and every day."

Marvin LeRoy

President & Founder

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