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What We Do

The World's Most Comprehensive...

SafeEVAC Builds & Operates

Featuring next generation Artificial Intelligence threat identification!

We can accommodate installations anywhere exit signs can be found.  One of SafeEVAC’s favorite sectors is education where we provide parents peace-of-mind that their children are in the safest viable environment.  The system identifies the safest exit paths and will even advise with real-time notifications to shelter in your current location. We collaborate with the 911 system, police/sheriffs, ambulance/EMT services, building operators and administrators.  

The SafeEVAC system is inexpensive to deploy and is designed for any location where emergency evacuations are contemplated.  SafeEVAC is very beneficial for schools, but it doesn’t stop there!  The system perfects evacuation strategies for all building types where there are occupants and multiple exits.

What Sets Us Apart

Five major categories in intelligent evacuation, and SafeEVAC is the leader in each:

  • DETECTION  Identification of the threat through multiple devices and sensors (all types from active shooter to fire, severe weather, etc.).
  • ACTION  System immediately activates and engages all communicating devices (cameras, speakers, microphones, color indicators).
  • EXECUTE  Evacuation/Safety Plan implemented in concert with SafeEVAC’s near military-grade OPS Center with focus specific to the threat.
  • ALERTS  System and human engagement with authorities (911/Administrators/OPS Centers, etc.).
  • COMMUNICATE  Specific detail on the threat/movement/area/status to first responders/authorities.
  • Illustrative scenario.


    • FLEXIBLE  Integrates with other systems:
      • security 
      • building
      • detection 
      • camera 
    • Over 40 patent-pending applications on this transformative security technology.
    • Technology enhances training protocols of the future.
    • Enhancing emergency response tactics.
    • Rethinking evacuation plans saves lives.

    Artificial Intelligence

    SafeEVAC has created the most advanced AI for:
  • threat detection
  • communication
  • plan execution
  • AI NextGen technology is here and our development team is already working on future advancements.


    • Buildings are evacuated faster and safer.
    • Casualties and injuries are reduced.
    • Emergency responders get to the injured quicker.
    • Authorities have accurate and actionable data.
    • Strengthened intel for all first responders.
    • Panic, chaos, and mistakes are reduced.
    • Peace-of-mind for all involved.

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